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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

are you up for some challenges?

I am!!!

Join me this month at Scrapwords for my Memory trigger and A day in the life challenge.

"Memory trigger"
I have a book from Tracy White published by Creating Keepsake titled “The Journaler’s Handbook”. In it there’s a lot of prompts and journaling ideas to spark up your memory. In one part of the book, Tracy gives 9 memory trigger object/s and questions regarding that object that will “prompt” a memory or a story worth scrapbooking.

Got so inspired by it that in the next 9 months I will hold a monthly challenge, sharing one of these “triggers” with you together with the questions. All you have to do is pick that certain object in your life, answer the questions and make a scrapbook page relating to a memory that was triggered by the object and questions.

The monthly challenges will be posted in the DT section but I will also post it in my “meet the wordsmith” section. I will put a thread there about this challenge so that way anytime you want to join in or wanna go back to a certain trigger, the objects and questions will be saved there.

And to sweeten the deal a little, everybody that participates will have their name included in a random drawing for a small rak from me.

Sounds good? Ok so for this first month it is……

OBJECT: Photographs
“Photographs are amazing tools- they allow us to transcend time and make connections that are often easy to overlook. Find one of your favorite photos and answer three or four of the questions below.”

1. What do you smell, hear, see and feel when you look at your favorite photo?
2. If your favorite photo were a movie, what kind of music would be playing? What kind of lighting would be used?
3. How do you feel about your favorite photograph? Why is it your favorite?
4. Who or what does your favorite photograph remind you of? Describe.
5. As you look at your favorite photograph, what fears do you have? What do those fears say about you?
6. What would you like to tell the person pictured in your favorite photos? Why is it important to do so?
7. Why was it important for you to take your favorite photo? What did you want to capture and express with the image?
8. How is the person pictured in your favorite photo unique? What do you love about him or her? What are his or her quirks?
9. Describe the memories surrounding the day you took your favorite photo. What was going through your mind? What circumstances were you facing?
10. Looking at your favorite photo with fresh eyes, what new perspective have you gained? What have you learned?

As for me this is what I made:

My photograph was of my older sister and I vacationing in Hong Kong when we were kids.

I answered most of the questions but decided to go with the #10 question as the basis of my journaling/ whole theme of the layout. When I looked at this picture again with “fresh eyes”, I immediately noticed the way we dressed back then and remembered all the times that my mom would dress her and me alike or even the same. We were three years apart in age but this didn’t stop people from thinking we were twins. It’s funny now that I look back at how we both disliked looking the same and yet being in the same clothes bonded us in a special way that up to this day we are close.

So I hope you join me in the next few months and let’s all start to build a compilation of pages that are “triggered” by memories.

"A day in your life"
So the theme this month is “Life Artist: Take time to notice the details of everyday life". As Leslie mentioned the theme helps us be more conscious of the little things, the somewhat mundane moments of our everyday.

Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and tried to figure out what exactly did you do today? Or have your husband/children asked about your day and you’re left speechless cause you really can’t remember?

Well this challenge will help bring a little glimpse of what “you” do on a single day preserved on a page or project that will be a treasure to your family in the future.

What I want you to do:
Pick a day, any day, grab your camera and start taking pictures of what you’ve been doing. Try to notice the little things. Maybe you have a daily routine that you didn’t even realized existed. Take lots of pictures. If documenting your day seems do daunting of a task, do just an hour or even a week. It’s up to you. All I want is for you to document what your “everyday” looks like.

Then make a page with your pictures and share it to us through a link to your blog entry. Share with us how you came up with your concept and if there’s anything you learned about doing this exercise.

Everybody that participates will get to pm me their two fave layouts at the end of the month and the one that has the most votes will get a small rak from me.

I picked a Friday. Why? Just because. As you can see I started and ended the page with my alarm clock. The “eye-opening” lesson I learned from the exercise- that I *try* to maintain a balance life, making time for all my different passions. I also found out that I have lllloooonnnggg days starting from 7 am to 12 midnight. Wow no wonder I’m always tired when I finally get in bed.

so what about you? what's your day like? Can’t wait to see your creations.

and Coconut Scrapshop message board......

Product challenge

Every month I will feature a product available at the Coconut Scrapshop store, write up a little review, show a sample of what I did with the product and encourage you to play with that item.

For you to be eligible to win a small rak from me…..

Please make a page including the product. any size and any theme

Must be a new layout as of April 1st

And have fun with it.

At the end of the month I will pick a random winner who will receive a small prize from me.

*Item doesn’t need to be purchased at the store but just to let you know that IT is available there if you want one. (wink)

This month its: Fancy Pants Simple Sentiments Creative Cards

I got mine with the fancy pants kit (november 2007). I like these cards a lot. It’s so versatile plus the designs are so easy to work with. I especially like the blank ones with flourishes around. It was the perfect place to house my title. And the lined back of each card was meant to be used to make your handwritten journaling pop on your page. Here’s my sample layout.

Scraps challenge

Every month I will host a challenge encouraging you to use your scraps for your next layout project.

Here’s the details

-Make a page with at least 75% of it is from your scraps.

-Twist: this month use up scrap letters/alphabets.

-Must be a new layout as of April 1st and has to be uploaded to the coconut gallery and shared in this thread by April 30th.

-Everybody will PM me their most favorite layout and the one with the most votes will receive a small rak/gift from me.

So what are you waiting for, dig in that scrap stash and show us what you can make.

Here's my sample. *for the twist, I used the negative side of a letter e sticker. I adhered it in the same cardstock I used behind my picture.

so please check out these sites and join me for the challenges, you have till the end of the month to get your pages done. Oh and did I mention you can win fun stuff/raks? Hope to see you guys play.
and ending on a happy note.....
remember this page...
The sweet Teresa Collins showcased this in her blog last friday. Here's the link- http://teresacollins.typepad.com/teresa_collins/2008/04/deleted.html How awesome is that!!!
gotta go, taking the kids to the zoo today. will post pics of that *hopefully* tomorrow.
Have a great day,

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