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Monday, February 25, 2008

monday pictures!!!

Like the new blog format? Thought I change it back to white (the clean look makes me happy) and moved the sectional stuff onto the left. I feel like the blog has had many visits lately since the DT announcements that I wanted it to be viewer friendly. :)
For my monday post I decided to post pictures. I carried my camera for about an hour today just taking pictures of anything and everything. I don't know why, just in the photographing mood I guess. Here's what I got....
Finally got something to display my many scrapbook albums. Before when company comes I had to carry all these albums from my room to the living room so I can show them off, this way it's there accessible for anybody to view. I got this shelf plus two more of the same style from my neighbor whose clearing her house. We put one in Amanda's room and the other as the kids new toy organizer. Love the fact that it's tall and deep. I can put toys that I don't want the kids making too much mess off up on the highest shelf. LOL.

My guilty pleasure is finally back in my local Costco. I'm sooooo inlove with this dip. I eat it with tortilla chips and I can eat this whole tub in one afternoon. Of course I don't dare do that cause I will have to pay in the treadmill but the thought is tempting. *wink*.

And finally here' s Marcus showing off his "fort". I washed the cover of our couch cushions today and he decided to use the cushions to built his very own playhouse. Of course I wasn't gonna take a picture of his house with the cushions all uncovered so I waited till the sheets were back on it. LOL.

Here he is inside that tiny spot.

So there, hope you're having a great start of the week.

Have a great day,

Oh BTW there's some fun sneek peeks at Coconut scrapshop and Scrapwords kits in the coming days and even a RAK so watch out. :)
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Jen Glover said...

Marcus is a C-U-T-I-E!!! I am laughing so hard at the dip! You are so funny!~ Happy Monday! Check out the Coconut ScrapShop's Blog for some blog candy!~

Queen of Paper said...

Grace these photos are so perfect! great lighting! GREAT !!!!
PS Marcus is so darling! so handsome!