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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


got your attention? good! but before I go on to that story let me tell you about my packed weekend first.....
So on friday morning I went to the scrapbook expo that was in town. OH heaven on earth I say! lots of fun stuff and great bargains! I especially the stuff I got at dollarscrapbooking booth. They have a website if you wanna check them out. It's www.dollarscrapbooking.net.
Check out my loot!

I went in there with a plan. Didn't have too much money to burn so I made a list of things I NEED. Got lots of stuff that don't go in any particular theme, which is great cause I can use them for any layout/project. Got lots of ribbons, flowers, brads and chipboard letters. Can't wait to play with them all.

As you read on my valentine's day post, we didn't do anything to celebrate that day. Our expedition was having problems and my dear hubby spent all day fixing it. When he got home he apologized that he didn't have time to buy me flowers. I didn't really expect it, all I wanted him to do was fix my car. :)
But then the following day he surprised me with a dozen of roses. Sweet guy. The funny thing was that he was so proud of himself that he got the flowers for a bargain. Since it's the day after the hearts day, the flowers were half off! You might think he shouldn't have told me that, but I thought the was the best part of it all. Hehehehehehe. Here's a pic of the bouquet.

That night we went on a double date with a couple friend. Went to Applebee's for dinner and watched "jumper" in the movie theater. My thoughts on the movie- has gret potential to be a really good movie but they left you with so many questions that you can really tell they want to extend the story line so they can have a sequel franchise.

Then the next morning we had breakfast at hometown buffet with my family. My brother Gary was celebrating his birthday plus Mom and Dad were flying for a vacation to the Philippines and Australia so they wanted to get together. Yummy food, ate too much (of course) and great to see Mom which we haven't seen in about a month.

Ok so now the ear wax story...............
Three weeks ago Marcus complained of ear ache. We gave him tylenol and he seemed to be fine. But then lately we noticed he was having a hard time hearing us. He would turn up the volume on the tv and when we would call his name out he wouldn't respond. We got so worried that I brought him to the doctor monday. Turns out the reason he couldn't hear- EARWAX and loads of it. I felt embarrassed, I mean I clean his ear with cotton buds but apparently that doesn't do the cleaning. The doc was nice to assure me that it has nothing to do with the way I clean. He even told me that he doesn't expect me to put anything in his ear that might cause more damage. Ok so I'm not a bad mom after all. LOL.
Anyways they cleaned out his ear with a water treatment. Took out a bunch of yucky stuff. Now he can hear clearly and have no excuse when mom tells him NO the first time. right? you would think!

Have a great day,
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