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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'M A WORDSMITH and some creative "sampling"......

Ok so eventhough it's a little gloomy outside, weatherwise, here inside I'm smiling from ear to ear. Why so? Well I just found out that I was picked to be a "wordsmith" at Scrapwords.com. I'm part of the new design team over there and I cannot be any more excited. FREAKING AWESOME!!!
Here's the layout I made as part of my "application" entry. We were to make a layout with the word "overcome" as a theme. Loved that concept and had just the perfect pictures to go with it.

Journaling: I always give up when things get hard. I turn around and close my eyes. I say NO when I’m force to exert more effort than I want to. And this was evident in all aspects of my life- I was overweight; Not physically active; fearful of so many silly things; cannot commit; and making wrong choices left and right.
That was me 7 years ago. Not anymore! Today I’m still fearful but have channeled the inner courage that I never knew I had. I’m now confident to face the adversity, tackle the obstacle “head one” and believes in the possibility that after the storm, I will come out on top.
Evidence of this “Aha moment” was when I got back on a bike after not riding for over 10 years. I was afraid, and at times wanting to give up but I overcame all the negativity in my head and rode the trail all the way to the finish line.
Woohoo for me and to the power of mind shift.

and Woohoo for being a part of a great team. Thank you Leslie and the girls and Congrats to Becca and Selena. Can't wait to work with you guys.

And lately I've been feeling the need to be "challenged" again so I joined in with some at SocalScrap......

Here's one that they're doing for Elsie Flannigan's 52 week challenge.
The one I did was to work with words wherein you incorporate your journaling as part of the design. Doodled on all my journaling blocks and continued the doodling in my title and date blocks.
"Childhood Summer Memories"

Next one was a "love" themed challenge. Took it in a different way by scrapbooking my love for collecting tags.
Journaling: .....they not only remind me of where I shop but they're also great source of inspiration. I {heart} tags!. 2008
"I'm a Taglover"

and finally a sketch based challenge. I flipped the original sketch to it's side and scrapped my boy's certain "dislike" with the color pink *wink*
"Pink are not for boys"
Journaling: .......that's what you said when I showed you the pink formal shirt we bought for you to wear at Aunt Gem's wedding. Of course, you refused to wear it! I just thought we should all show off the wedding's color motif. Finally we compromised with a tie that had small hints of pink. Oh Marcus, my "true blue boy". July 2007

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Megan A. said...

congratulations and welcome to the team!

Queen of Paper said...

CONGRATS!!!! WOOHOO! :)This is so awesome Gace and ps cute pages

Pamela said...

Great LO's!

Tabitha said...

ilove your layouts! congrats on the dt!