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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts Day!!!

Are you guys sick with all the reds, pinks and hearts or still can't get enough of the festivities?

Well for me I'm stuck in the middle. I love decorating my house with all pinks, red and hearts plus making all sorts of yummy goodies but I'm done with all the sugary stuff!

I like making them but I'm not a happy person when my little Maddie rolls around the floor tired and wanting more candy!!! She's actually doing that as we type!

Today we went to preschool for our Valentines Party.

Kids made these cards. I don't think I will get a decent photo of Maddie for a while. She's in the phase were she's either hating to be pictured OR she will give you some type of goofy face. Hence this shot!

Here's my boy hard at work with this card. Lovin the "evolution" of Marcus from toddler/preschool kid to somebody really ready for big kids school. He's even able to write his name now. So proud of him.

and here's a pic of chocolate pretzels me and the kids made on friday. I have sharing time lesson at primary this whole month and wanted to give the kids something related to the upcoming holiday last sunday.

The kids loved it. I have to say though that I wished I've taken a pic of the basket with all the finished pretzels in their baggies before I gave them away. Shucks! They turned out cute. And for the teachers I found this digital candy wrapper while browsing through two peas, downloaded it and wrapped some hershey candy bars for the teachers. cute and VERY EASY! what could be better!

And if you're wondering what I'm doing to celebrate the whole "love" day. Well so far it's been all about candies and children's party then tonight I'm working. Fun huh! Don't worry Mitch will make it up for me tomorrow night. We're planning on eating out and maybe watching "Jumper". He's looking forward to seeing that. :)

Have a great day,

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hannie said...

Your kids are so adorable. My 2nd DS made a card from school saying "home is where the heart is" with glitters! well.. sure he only do the glittering parts cos he is only 2plus. Still.. I'm happy already.