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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

White drawers and a Dora explosion!

So last saturday we originally have planned to go on a hike at the LA mountains but weather had a different plan. It rained pretty much all night friday and some more on saturday.
I was so bummed out bec. I was planning on using this time to take my camera and take some nature pics. But none was more upset about the cancellation than Marcus. He was so sad and could not comprehend in his little brain WHY we weren't gonna go.
Anyways, the day wasn't totally wasted cause we used up the time spent indoors to put up Maddie's new toddler bed and also a white shelf that we purchased at biglots. My brother in law lent us his crib and changing table back when Marcus was a baby and now he is expecting one of his own so we figured it was time to return the baby furnitures.

Maddie was so excited when her bed was put together. Even Marcus was envious about it. He kept on asking for a toddler bed. The excitement got more intense when I placed her new Dora the explorer sheets on her bed. Wow I can still hear the excited screams Maddie let out that afternoon. Needless to say the transition from our bed to hers was no problem at all.

Here's some pics of what we've accomplished.

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Sandy Rodriguez said...

That's a big day to move into the big girl bed!! My nieces love Dora too!!

Mrs. Doyle said...

aww cute cute cute... now you need a picture with her actually sleeping on the bed!