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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy days!!!

Ok so being MIA again here, sorry! Got lots of things brewing here in the Tolman home but all is well.

First thing in the agenda is a birthday announcement. Yup our little Madelyn is no longer a baby and a full pledged (and totally acting like it) toddler. She turns two today. Here's a pic of a cupcake to represent her big day. Of course she's going to get a bigger cake than this but not till Saturday for her party. I've been somewhat consumed by preparations for her first tea party. I thought about this only about three weeks ago. I wanted a nice girly party for a change since in the past 3 years it's all about my boy. I'm so excited and I hope it will be a blast for Maddie and her friends.

Second happy news is this layout being accepted in the Basic Grey gallery. I've tried to get in there for the loooonnnggeessstt time and this one got me in the door. They say that when you get in their gallery, it's a great exposure. Kinda like getting published. Woohooo!

I do have another great news but can't post the layout yet. I am a finalist for the Scrapstreet.com November layout cover contest. I'm so pshyced. Let's all stalk that website on Nov.1st to see if I win. :)

Will keep you guys posted.

Have a great day,


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Mrs. Doyle said...

cute pictures and congrats on the exposure!!!!