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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Like what you see? Well I thought the blog needed some refreshing. I'm getting a hang of photoshop. Yipee! And this is all from self teaching myself and searching through free tutorials online. One more reason why I'm an internet girl through and through.
Well this past week's main event would be Mitch turning 39. He celebrated his big day on Monday (sept. 17). We had dinner at Don Jose's (the restaurant he picks every year) with his mom and dad. Then we went home and tasted my first ever german chocolate cake. I asked him before his special day what dessert he wanted me to make and he said german chocolate cake. At first I was scared. Didn't know how to make it!!! You know me I'm a cake in a box + frosting in a can kinda gal. But after talking to my mother in law, she made me feel a lot better. Did'nt even know they had german choco cake in a box plus the coconut frosting in the can. You really learn something new everyday. I thought I had to make everything from scratch! Woohoo! Crisis averted!
Here he is sharing the blowing of candles with Marcus.

And of course a birthday in the Tolman home won't be complete without a handmade card and a cutsie gift. The candy container is a recycled soda bottle which I thought was absolutely cute! So even if I don't drink soda very often, I was very happy chugging this sprite knowing I'm going to alter the bottle. Hahaha!

As for scrapbook stuff. Here's a page I did this week. Journaling read: A good snapshot stops a moment from running away- Eudora Welty"

I only did one page this week, can you imagine that?! I haven't really been inspired lately. There's some major things weighing on my mind and haven't been myself.
I am hopeful and faithful that everything will work out for us. Will keep you guys posted on this.
Have a great day,

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