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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And were off......

to school that is. Yes, it officially started today for all my kids. Amanda's a senior now. Wow can't still believe that!

And as for Marcus and Maddie, well I've enrolled them in a mommy and me preschool program in our provided in our adult school. Whew, it was a total relief for me when the teacher said we can join the class. You see, Maddie is still to young for the age bracket of the class but I prayed that we will get in. I've been in this program before when I only had Marcus and you can totally see the improvement on him. I would've hated it if we couldn't continue on his progress. With this one, we have the flexibility since the class in only mondays and wednesdays plus both kids get the "classroom" experience that will help them. Marcus is even in the line up of kids that can graduate by the end of the year since at 5 yrs old he can go to Kindergarten. Now that will be cool!

I didn't bring my camera to school bec. I didn't know if we would be able to stay or not there but I will definitely bring it along on monday. Here's the pics of the kids all ready for their first day of school though.

BTW Maddie was all decked out in a new outfit and guess what their activity at school was..... painting and lots of it!!! Well from now on, no new and cute outfits for my kids when at school. hehehehe.

Oh and I'm in a photo daily assignment group. The leader gives us a subject to photograph each day. The second assignment was to take a photo of something that was passed on to me and my idea for the theme was this one.

Totally funny huh! well the explanation is- I don't really have any heirloom things that's been passed down to me (nothing I can really think of , I guess) but anyways, I thought of my big "behind" bec. all my life they said that my hips and deriere (sp?) is from my dad's side. So that's what I wanted to use. Of course, I cracked up all the ladies in the group and so I thought of sharing it to all you too. Laugh out loud with it. :)
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Mrs. Doyle said...

Hope school went well