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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Droppin in.......

to say things are rolling around here. Don't have much time to update my blog. Sorry, but it's kinda good cause it's a great sign that we are living our lives. Loving that perception.
Today I will go to my sister-in-law's baby shower. I have my diaper cake all ready and went to target yesterday to get a cute outfit. Got it on sale which is the icing to the cake. I thought I was good to go then last night my sister in law which was hosting the shindig called me up and asked if I could be the photographer for the event. Ngeeek! totally not prepared for that so this morning I went online and just browsed through some stock photos of showers to see what kind of shots I can/should do. Feeling better now and we'll see how it goes. I'm happy about the opportunity to do this but at the same time, I'm still learning! I'll have to post some of my shots later on.
As for scrapbook stuff (of course I have to post some kinda of papercraft here. LOL) Here's the smallest minibook I've ever done to date, with measurements of only 1 1/2x2". It's a necklace too, so I can wear it when I teach my classes or go on crops.

Speaking of classes, I just got done with my september one last thursday. It went well with 8 students. ( I do have some more kits leftover, if anybody is interested in purchasing some). Click on this post for the pics of the projects- http://tolmanchronicles.blogspot.com/2007/08/back-to-school-fun-projects.html
Till next time.

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Mrs. Doyle said...

How come i'm not in your minibook...

I guess im not one of your treasures...