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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some summer fun

So the kids are out of school and summer have officialy started in our home. Yesterday we went to our first of many free movies at the galaxy theater inside the mall. We watched "everybody's hero". It was a cartoon film about baseball, specifically the Yankees and babe Ruth. It was cute. Then today me and the kids drove to Garden Grove to G'ma Tolman's house to do some swimming. I'm so surprised how Marcus loves the water now considering just about two summers ago he despised it a lot. Soon before I know it, Maddie will be the same. But right now she's just happy sitting in her yellow floatie.

I don't know if I've mentioned in my previous blogs at sb.com that I've started a garden around April and I've been harvesting some of the veggies but yesterday I harvested a bunch of them. I picked our carrots, corn, 2nd batch of radishes, cabbbage and green beans. It's so much fun to actually "taste" the fruit of my labors. Last night we had this filipino dish with green beans and ground beef then tonight Mitch will make his pork and beans with cabbage tacos. OOhhh haven't had that in ages.

So that's it for us today.
Hope you have a great SUMMER day!

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