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Friday, June 22, 2007

A birthday celebration plus a RAK

So our family had quiet a packed friday today. Lots of things going on.

(1) Today Amanda turned 17. Wow can you believe it! I remember the time when I met this little blonde haired girl. She wasn't shy at all and loved talking about everything and anything to you. She was a typical middle schooler trying to figure out her place in this world and where she belonged..... and today I'm looking at the same girl but with a lot more confidence in her eyes. She knows where she belongs now and have a pretty good hold onto the standards she wants to live her life by. We are so proud of her, she has really evolved into a beautiful woman. Don't get me wrong, she is still a typical teenager sometimes and now that "dating guys" are in the picture, it will be more interesting but with improved grades and a new discovered talent in arts she has truly blossomed. Happy birthday girl!
(2) Got a new haircut today. It wasn't a very good experience though. You see I wanted to try the "famous" Katie Holmes style. I believed it's called a bobb look. I heard it's the fad with haircuts nowadays so I didn't even bother getting a picture/sample of it when I went to supercuts this morning. When I got there, the lady I was assigned to didn't even have any clue what I was talking about. I knew it was going to be a disaster from the beginning. I tried my best to explain it to her but unfortunately she didn't do it. Not even close. Even after she blow dried it, it was still very far from what I was expecting and now with a short apple shaped hair, it made my face look fatter. I was so sad. She was apologetic and even offered to redo it for me. She said to keep my reciept and within the week try to find a pic of the hairstyle I wanted and she'll try to fix it for me. Huhuhu! So I went home and my sister Gem ( who was at my house at that time) didn't have to say one word and I knew it was not a good look for me. She instinctively offered to flat iron it to make it look better. After about 30 minutes, my hair was made into some kind of a mod look which I really like. So now I might just keep it. But it will take some work to "always" make it look good. We will see.
(3) and finally- something happened to me today. A great thing. Something that was a "defining" moment in my life. Here's where the RAK (random act of kindness) comes in......... look at the pic. Guess what major thing happened to me by leaving me a comment and the first person that can guess it right will win something from my stash.
So that's our day. Whew! im pooped. I will tell more details about the 3rd event of today in a couple of days and at the same time announce the winner of the RAK.
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you became a citizen today!


Kristi B. / devos_mommy said...

You became a US citizen today!? :o)

Laurie Rush said...

I agree with the others. If thats it congratulations.

NANCY/www.socalscrap.us said...