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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A farewell story

So last week, one of our dear friends moved to Alaska. I was so, so, so sad when they left. I couldn't even see them off at the airport cause I knew I was gonna breakdown. Allison has been my bestfriend for over 2 years now (since they moved to our ward) and I just don't think I can manage without knowing she's just around the corner. Marcus and Maddie lost some great playmates too. Huhuhuhu!
Anyways before they left, I decided to make them a farewell album. It was a scrapbook/directory for them to take to their new home. I asked all of our closest friends to give me some pictures and messages plus their contact infos to put in the book. I dedicated two pages for each family. The book itself wasn't hard at all to make. It was a cinch making the pages. The harder part was being a pest to these people, reminding them over and over again to give me their stuff! Oh boy it was a challenge. I felt like a debt collector or something, they promise you something then they forget and in turn you bug them through 20 or more phone calls and emails. But at the end, it turned out great. I also planned a farewell bbq for them where we presented the book. It was a very tiring week for me but it turned out really well. We had it at one of our friends house (thank goodness it wasn't at mine, or I would've been totally stressed!). They loved the book, I cried, she cried, we all cried and then we all gave them a big huge hug.
Here's a pic of the front of the book and my family's page.

Anderson family, if you are reading this blog, we miss you!!!

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