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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our disneyland trip and Father's Day happenings

Sorry I'm a bit late updating. Just got home from disneyland. Marcus and I bought annual passes for our birthdays last year and we got the cheapest ones. That meant we were blocked out on all holidays, weekends and summer. Which, if you think about it, is kinda good cause you don't want to go on those times anyways bec. it's the most crowded times. Anyways today was our last day to be able to go this summer. According to our calendar we're blocked off until the last week of August. The kids and I didn't stay long there. The crowd's just too much for us to handle. We wanted to try the new Nemo submarine ride but the wait was 3 hours and there's no fast pass for it. Bummer! So we just did our usual buzz lightyear ride, a trip inside the innoventions so Marcus can play video games and then we hopped on to California Adventures where the kids got soaking wet at the bug's life wet play area. Didn't have to do a lot to get my little ones all tired, and now they're sleeping quietly for me. woohoo!

So this past weekend was father's day. Didn't do anything spectacular. Helped the little ones make Mitch a crown. They doodled on it and stamped some flowers (of all things!) and I wrote "king for the day". I made Mitch wear it for breakfast and Maddie kept on staring at him. While Marcus shouted "king of the castle!, king of the castle!" So cute! Made him his favorite breakfast tacos but I've forgotten that we've ran out of salsa, so it didn't taste as good. Oh well!
At church they gave the dads cupcakes, Amanda gave a talk about fathers and I helped out our primary children sing their songs at sacrament. I was doing double duty at primary today- doing the conducting and sharing time. Our president had given birth and so she was out and our pianist was out too so our first councilor did her job. Oh is a good thing Tiffany knows how to play the piano. Imagine if she was gone, I would be totally panicked!

Mitch has a 20 year high school reunion coming up and he's decided to shave his mustache. It's pretty different. A great change but still different! He made heads turn at church today. I must admit he does look 10 years younger. I like it, it just need a little getting use to.

We had dinner at the Tolman's. The men were complaining that they still had to do the bbq even if it's father's day. Too funny! It's really nice that my kids are not babies anymore. I can let them loose in the backyard with their cousins and I can sit and chat with my sisters in law. No more carrying babies, or needing to nurse or watching them crawl around. I'm liking this!!!

Tonight is Gem's graduation and after tonight were full force on wedding preparations. I can't believe my youngest sister is getting married next month. Aahh!

Oh and by the way, our roof is finally done!!! Mitch decided he would redo our whole roof by himself. It really needed to be done and since we really can't afford to pay somebody to do it, He has decided to take on this challenge. Oh and it was a major challenge! took him about 15 days from start to finish. But now it's done and I'm doing the happy dance. Finally our lives can get back to normal. I will post some before and after pictures soon.
Have a great day!

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