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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day of school 2013

School started last week for my kiddos. I can't help but tear up a little bit with this year's start of school because it's Marcus' last year of Elementary. Is it really true? I'm going to have a middle school-er next year? Well before I get sentimental, here's the pictures from our first day of school...

Before you we go on...I just found this picture from three years ago...

My heart aches a little that my babies are growing up so fast. :(

Anyways here's more of the first day of school photos...

This year...
-She's not in the same class as her "girlfrieds" but I think this would be good for her as she can broaden her horizon and get to know more people.
-We have a great teacher. So far I've heard great things about Mrs. Lehman and I'm looking forward to my little girl growing and being her best.
-I have a feeling that this year, we will have to deal more about "outfits" and stressing about the question "what will I wear to school today?" I say this because we already dealt with it, three days in the first week of school. Sheesh!

This year......
-We are going to work on more independence and responsibility since Marcus is getting ready for middle school.
-He had a great first week. I'm so glad that he was given a great teacher, one that understands his strengths and weaknesses and will work around his issues. Mrs. Bailey is so understanding as well. I'm sure she didn't expect me to talk her ear out about my son on our first parent-teacher meeting.
-He gets to hang out with some of his great buddies from last year and I'm glad that he has friends. It really means the world to me to see him interact with other kids and be able to get along (most of the time) with them. For a family that deals with ADHD this is huge for us.

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