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Friday, October 5, 2007

One little word

I'm participating again this week in the one little word challenge.

The word for this week is GONE.

I got inspired by this when my little Maddie turned two yesterday. I was driving to costco to get stuff for her bday party tomorrow and started thinking that when my older one was two I was pregnant with her but right now there's no "bun in the oven". No baby waiting to add to our family hence the title for my page- "Gone are the days of" and then I started enumerating in my head the things that are not visible in our home anymore cause we don't have any babies here.
Gone are the days of.....
late night feedings; baby coos and sweet scent; shoes that can fit in my hands; frequent visits to the doctor; little babies in our home. Fall 2007

Have a great day,


Unknown said...

Cool layout! Love your journaling

Ronda Palazzari said...

Beautiful....I know how you feel. My baby girl is 14!

Unknown said...

Beautiful layout :)