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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Christmas decorations with the Silhouette Cameo

Every year I try to add something handmade to my growing collection of Christmas decorations. This year I decided to use my Silhouette Cameo to make some fun items with vinyl and masking techniques. 

Joy Pillowcase
One of my favorite things to do when I'm at Hobby Lobby is to check the remnant or scrap rolls of fabric. It's usually at the back of the store. Because these fabric pieces are not enough to complete a yard, they're usually at a discounted price. Anyways, this year, I was able to score some plain canvas fabrics. I love the thick and durable texture of these pieces. I decided to make them into pillowcases.
For this first one, I got this image from the Silhouette store, cut it out on a vinyl sheet and placed the negative parts of the cut on my fabric. I didn't want this to look so "Christmas-y" so I used a pink paint.
*For my acrylic paints, I add a fabric medium to them so that they can be used for fabrics and that paint doesn't come off when I wash the pillowcase.

Merry Christmas pillow case
This one used a similar technique, cutting the image on vinyl from the Silhouette Cameo and painting the inside parts of the cut. I used green as my paint and used red buttons to add dimension and design to my tree. I gotta tell you though, that the vinyl is pretty tricky to work with. It takes a lot of patience to transfer the image onto the pillow without ripping the vinyl or getting it stuck together. It was definitely a challenge!

Joy Plate
So I didn't let my vinyl cuts go to waste. If you remember my first pillow, I used the positive cuts of that image and transferred it onto a plate. I got this plate at Goodwill for less than $3. I actually had this for about a year now and was just waiting for the right image to add to it. This "joy" ornament cut was super cute and I couldn't resist. The beauty about vinyl is that when I'm tired of this image, I can simply peel off the image and I have a fresh new plain plate to dress up.

So there you have it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to create something fun and festive for your home this Holiday season.

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