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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Documenting December, 2013 version

Last year I decided to try my hand on documenting the whole month of December in a mini called "December Daily". You can find my finished project in the blog post here

I recently pulled that book out to display in my front room as part of my "Christmas" decorations this year and as I flipped through the pages of that mini album, I was reminded of the many things we did to celebrate the season. It was fun looking back and that made me feel excited about this year's album. I created the foundations of my book this year here. Everyday I try to photograph something that visually represents that day. Here are some of the images I've captured so far....

December 1- We got our Christmas decorations up early this year cause I was asked to host part of our Relief Society's progressive dinner this year (Relief Society is the women's organization of our church). I was so proud of the kids as they decorated the tree this year. They did a fantastic job making sure that all the ornaments were spread out evenly on the tree. 

December 2- We decorated our gingerbread house for FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight. We seem to have a hard time finding a kit that does not have the house pre-built already. Anyways, I took more photos of this activity and will post that later this week. This is one of my kids' favorite things to do for the holidays.

December 3- We received our first Christmas card this year. It was from a scrappy friend. I just getting holiday greetings from friends and family and I can't wait till our card holder starts to get filled up.

December 4- I was asked to host part of the Relief Society's progressive dinner this year. I had 9 guests lined up to have dinner with me, then we were all to drive to another sisters house and have dessert there. Unfortunately with the bad snow that we got on this day, it was cancelled. Even though the dinner didn't pan out, I still wanted to photograph the table setting and will add this to my December daily album.

So that's how our December is shaping up to be. I hope that you will find sometime to document this season. It's definitely one of my favorite months of the year.

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