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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Field Day 2013

Another school year and that means another Field Day for the kids. This year fell on a Thursday and the weather was, at best, mild. The sun would show up once in a while but for the most part, it was a bit chilly. But that didn't stop the kids from enjoying the many events planned. Here are some photos from Field day 2013...

This year the school changed up the schedule for field day. They had the younger grades (K-2nd) do their events in the morning while the older kids (3rd-5th) had theirs in the afternoon. It was a good thing, as I was able to be with each kid throughout their activities without worrying that I'm missing out on the other's events.

Maddie got an assortment of ribbons ranging from 1st to 4th.

Marcus on the other hand got a 2nd, 3rd and a few 4th place ribbons.
He almost lost one, which caused him much distressed (a meltdown that I don't really want to elaborate on) but thank the heavens...it came up and his world was normal again.

I love the energy on this boy. You can tell he was putting his best efforts in all of his events. He even got a 2nd place ribbon for the 40 yard dash and he was competing with one of the best athletes in school.

And that's it! It's honestly hard for me to talk about this year's Field day and not sound redundant from the previous years' notes. So all I'm going to add now is that..... it's great....the kids tried their best in their individual events...and that....nobody got hurt. I say that's call for some celebration.

What school activity do you enjoy attending?

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