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Friday, September 13, 2013

Denver Art Museum *latest Saturday excursion*

I found out recently through my friends' blog that the Denver Art Museum was holding free admission days. I checked the site and found out that they do this on the first Saturday of the month. Our family went and explored this museum last Saturday. 

We started off a little late because we had to do some cleaning that morning. We got to Denver at about noon and because there were so many exhibits to see, we didn't get to see them all. Note for next time, just pack a lunch so we don't have to rush through it all. Also, pick the exhibits that you really want to see. We later realized that some of the walking time we did through certain exhibits would have been better used in areas that we really wanted to look at. 

Here are some of the photos we captures. Sorry for the low quality of images, I brought my Nikon D40 to this excursion. It's getting harder to tow my big baby of a camera everywhere nowadays. 

This is a "coral reef" art made out of crocheted items. I though it was pretty neat to combine all of this creations to make one giant "wow" project.

They even had volunteers on hand to teach you how to crochet. We didn't do that part since there's already tons of people waiting for their turn.

This one was another underwater inspired project but made out of beads instead.
And here's the family with another underwater inspired artwork made out of crocheted items.

Next door to the Crochet displays was the "abstract" room. This one was one of those places that I wished I would've skipped. I'm not one that totally appreciates abstract work but I did find this circle/dot piece to be inspirational. I took a picture of it so I can use it for future scrapbook projects.

Then we went to the deck of the museum and got a pretty view of downtown Denver. The building itself is of unique architecture, hence the low slanted ceiling.

We found some pockets of interactive stuff for the kids within the different exhibits. That was good as I was getting a bit tired of telling the kiddos to keep their hands to themselves. In this one,they put together their own sculpture.

They even had places where you can listen to music. In this particular spot, we were listening to African tunes because the room was filled with African inspired art and artifacts. 

I really liked this floor/exhibit. They had a famous fabric designer (Jacqueline something) display some of her artwork. It was very neat seeing all of the cute creations done on fabric. I picked up a few ideas for papercrafting ideas. *wink*

In our visit, we noticed a lot of Native American artwork displayed. They had a room strictly for handwoven blankets. It's amazing how the chevron trend goes far back as 1800's. There was a blanket on display with this pattern. The Native American sure know what looks cute!

The building was structured where they had placed windows specifically so you can appreciate the view outdoors. Here's a look through a panoramic window. You can see the front range on the back side of the image.

After a couple of hours of walking around the museum, we headed to the 16th street mall (which was only a couple of blocks away) to have some lunch. On our way there we passed by some city buildings that had impressive architectural designs.

After lunch and walking around a bit in the outside mall, we headed back to our car passing through this neat rotunda.

This photo makes me feel I'm somewhere in Europe (minus the skyscrapers in the back)

When we got back to the museum, we stopped for a little bit to watch a Native American dance presentation. The group of men in the foreground were banging a big (and loud) drum.

I'm amazed at how much costume they are sporting. It was pretty hot last Saturday and I'm sure with all of this garb plus the dancing makes for some good calorie burning exercise.

Last itty bitty note for the museum, Art is definitely interpreted many ways and although I have respect for those that create it, there are certain pieces that I would not want my children to see every again. (Interpret that however you may want)

So that's our latest excursion. Thanks for stopping by.

Till next time,

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