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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lake Isabelle and Pueblo River Walk

It's been a great summer of exploring for our family. One of the places we recently visited was Lake Isabelle. It's about 1 1/2 hours drive southwest from Colorado Springs. The lake was surrounded by some beautiful hills and mountains. We visited this place on a Saturday and you can tell that it's a famous lake for fishing because of all the people around the lake that had fishing poles in their hands. The people fishing were of all different ages. We even saw a kid, about 10-12 years old, catch a fish. It was a neat experience. Here are some of my favorites from that excursion...

When we got there, we decided to do a hike. We weren't sure how far or how long the hike was so we never got to see the end. While hiking, we found out from other hikers that the trail led to an old mining cave. Mitch was pretty interested in that, unfortunately we never made it to the end of the trail. We will definitely have to go back and do that hike soon. After that, we decided to explore the lake. While at the lake, it rained on us. It was pouring hard for about 30-40 minutes. We ate our lunch in the back of our truck till the rained stop. After walked around the lake. I found it interesting how many different angles someone can photograph Lake Isabelle. I was stopping often because the Lake seemed different with every step I made. 

Pueblo River Walk
After the lake, on the way home, we stopped by Pueblo (city south of Colorado Springs). I've always heard of the "Pueblo River Walk" and have always wanted to see it for myself. The river walk was built in the middle of downtown Pueblo. The water that runs through this water way is the Arkansas river. I love the paved walk way and the beautiful scenery. We took pictures by the river, the many different sculptures surrounding the river walk and even some ducks. 

It was a long day of exploring and sight seeing. We feel so blessed to have some many neat things to see and do around Colorado. It makes living here an exciting outdoor experience! 

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