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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday celebration recap

July came through like a whirlwind. There are so many things that we've captured and yet so little time to recap. But I'm going to try with revisiting birthday celebrations for me and my son. 

Dinner at Tucano's 
So Marcus and my birthday are just three days apart. Because of that, July is always filled with celebrations. This year we tried the Brazilian buffet called Tucano's. I've heard so many good things about this place from my local friends and they even gave me a tip that if I signed up for their birthday club, I can get my meal for free. I did just that a week before our birthdays and we got our postcards in the mail not long after that. The great thing about having two family members share a birthday month, we get to have two meals free. Super! 

The food was delicious and the "experience" of some one cutting scrumptious meats and grilled pineapple right at our table was fun. They even sang a Brazilian birthday song for Marcus. He was super thrilled about that "experience."

My last note on Tucano's...because it's an all you can eat meat place, make sure you make room for it. We had a very light breakfast that day and had a small, light dinner afterwards as well. The calories that we consumed during our meal at Tucano's sure filled our intake for that day, and maybe a few more for the next day. 

My Birthday
My birthday fell on a Sunday this year. We went to church and did all the normal Sabbath day things that we do. The only difference....I didn't have to lift a finger at home. My dear husband and kids did all the cooking and prepping of food plus the dishes. I did however, make my cake (the day before) because I knew that that's something I cannot fully entrust to hubby. I had a homemade pound cake with cut up strawberries and drizzled with caramel sauce. 

Marcus Birthday Party
Our dear boy turned 10 this year. In the past, July seemed to be extra busy for me (I don't know why?) and I never get around to making a fondant covered cake for him. I owed him big time, so I thought this year was the year that I made amends. We not only gave him his fondant covered cake, but we even threw him a small party. In the beginning asked him what he wanted his cake to look like. At first he was telling me all of this outrageous sounding cake ideas.My eyes were big and my heart was beating fast, as I felt overwhelmed with his request. So while he wasn't with me, I took a peek at Pinterest for 'easy' cake ideas. I found  a Lego themed cake to be more up my alley, so I presented my idea to him. Thankfully he was on board and that's when our party planning started. After a few more browsing hours at Pinterest, we were able to get game, treat bag and decoration ideas pinned down. Another major challenge we had for this party was that it had to be on the "cheap". Thank goodness for an over abundance supply of paper and crafting supplies, we were able to make it happen with just a few change under our budget. Whew to that! 

The party went off without a hitch. Marcus was surrounded by a few of his good friends and was entertained by friends and new toys. 

So there you have it, another year and celebration recorded in the book, or rather in this day and age, in the blog. 

Till next time,


Christy Smith said...

So glad you both had a happy birthday! Marcus's cake and party decor turned out so great! And I know the kiddos had a blast...What a fun, talented mom!

Grace Tolman said...

Thanks Christy. Marcus had fun surrounded by great friends. :)