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Friday, February 3, 2012

Wear Red Friday

Hello and happy Friday. Today's a wonderful day because a.it's a snow day over in Colorado Springs and my kids are enjoying a day off of school and at this moment they are playing with the white fluff outside with all the neighbor kids. Good stuff! and b. It's Wear Red Friday. What is that you might ask? Well February is Heart Health month and today was dubbed as the day we remember the importance of being healthy and having a strong heart. I know I have some family members that have passed away due to heart problems and that's one of the many reasons I support this cause.

So with that, wear red today and let's remember that we only have one heart and we need to take care of it. For us and for our loved ones. :)

Ella Publishing had a great three day event to promote this wonderful cause. Our very own Rachel Garnier headed the event and she has such a great story about love and loss due to heart problems. Read more about her story and see all of the inspirational projects made by the Ella Friends over at the blog here.

Here's some of my contributions...
 Card Set with a feminine touch

Heart Healthy Altered Journal

This month is also stamp month at Ella and I sprinkles some stamp happiness in these projects as well.

But that's not it....if you wear red, upload it on the linky of today's blog post at Ella Publishing, you will get a chance to win some goodies. It's a win-win situation all around! So head on over there now!

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