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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

So this Sunday is Super Bowl. It's a big day for this great nation of ours. Not because we voting for the next president or that we have found the cure to the worst illness out there.Nope, it's one of our favorite times to pick a team who we will root for; it's the time where we are allowed to eat in front of the TV and it's the only time I really pay attention to the advertisements during the game. *wink*

So if you are gearing up for this "big" event. Let me share some links that might help you better 'tackle' this all-American tradition of ours...

All the info about this Sunday's game can be found here.

and look at this cool craft you can make before the game! Perfect for the chips that we can never do without.

speaking of chips, why not serve some Baked Crab dip with it?

and change things up a bit this year, serve some grilled cheese pizza instead.

and then wow the crowd with these fun football whoppie pies.

and if you're like me that can't watch without getting our hands busy, try to make this cowl during the game. It'll keep you hands busy to avoid over indulging on those chips and crab dip. *wink*

Now that's what I call a "game plan". :)

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