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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Take Twelve-February

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day yesterday. Mine was wonderful but also very busy. I attended two class parties, tried a yoga/pilates class in the morning and had scouts at night. Whew! I did get a wonderful suprise of flowers and chocolates from my husband when I got home from my son's class party. He's such a sweetheart!

Anyways, today I'm sharing my Take Twelve photos. Did you participate? I hope you did because I really think that this program from Ella Publishing is a great way to "break in" that project 365 or project life challenges that a lot of people are in. Take twelve gives you the flexibility of choose just one day of the month- the 12th and picking only 12 photos to document your life at that time. Great concept!

Here's the breakdown of how my February 12th went down...
1. Got to sleep in a bit. Love this year's church time of 11 am. 2. After breakfast, I got the kids to help me fill up our grocery store's monopoly board. I play every year but I'm never lucky to win anything, maybe this year my luck will change. 3. A bag filled with all of my display, visuals and treats for my class at church today. 4. All dolled up for church. It's embarassing to say this but I only really put make up on on Sundays. It's a good thing I work at home because I don't like to dress up every single day. 5. A late lunch of leftovers. Our Sunday lunches always comprises of a buffet full of leftovers from the week. My kids have gotten used to this routine. 6. I made some sugar cookies with heart fondants as a treat to my students at church and I had some leftovers so we had some for our lunch desert. 7. After cleaning up lunch, I did some relaxing on the couch while browsing through the ads for this week. Lots of Valentine's day sale. 8. I called my parents. I try to talk to them at least once a week. Sometimes we skype as well. 9. For dinner I tried a new recipe called Sweet Potato Sausage casserole. I love the color combination of this recipe. 10. We had dessert again with this meal only because I wanted to use up some leftover egg roll wrappers. I used that instead of crepes for this warm banana crepe dish. 11. The kids made a huge mess of their rooms today so before going to bed, I made them clean up their mess. I love to see them work together. 12. After the kids went to bed, I worked on organizing reciepts. We were doing taxes this weekend and I had to organize my business paperwork.

To learn more about Take Twelve, click here. You can always get up to date info about everything Ella Publishing is doing here.

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