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Monday, October 25, 2010

Random four- October edition

It's that time of the month. There's nothing I dread and anticipate at the same time than my random four post. Dread because most often I've forgotten things about this month (yes I'm that bad at remembering stuff now) and anticipate because after searching my brain for all the memories, it fills me up with joy that the family had survived another month and that we all have grown (in some way or another) in the span of a month.

So let's go, shall we?


1.this is the only good photo I have of him right now. It's hard when he's not around for most of the month. Do you see what he's doing? Yep that's karaoke. He can't be married to a filipina girl and not do karaoke once in a while. hehehehehe!
2. He's been working hard at his new job. He was busy these past two weeks. He had to inspect about 70 cell sites and they were all over Colorado.
3. Got to visit his Aunt Norma in Wyoming. It was by the border of Colorado so he was able to take a back and forth trip in a day. I'm happy that he's just a drive away from family.
4. He was asked to teach a lesson in Elder's Quorum last Sunday. Somehow he can not truly get away from teaching a class. :)


1. This month has been better. I think it's because of General Conference in the beginning of the month. My mind frame has changed. I was more positive this month and more grateful of what I have.
2. Went back to school this month. I'm enjoying the new challenge. Still far from getting that Medical Billing certificate but it's been good so far.
3. Driving all over the place, ALL THE TIME!!! Because Mitch is not around, I'm always driving people around. If the family have to go to family events or parties, I'm the one driving the long distance. I don't mind seeing the family but I'm not used to driving all the time and I'm not that confident driving at night.
4. Knitting is still very enjoyable. I love picking yarns, getting a new set of needles and looking at patterns that I can do. I've been very ambitious lately, picking up projects that are beyond my capability but saving them for that "someday" when I can actually decipher what the patterns say.


1. School has been going on for two months now and like the past years, it is in this month that we start having problems with his behavior at school. He's one of those kids that when the "newness" of things wear off, he starts getting bored. But I'm grateful that he's teacher is sooo kind and are trying really hard to keep him focused and gives him so many chances to redo the day.
2. He's been the most affected that Mitch is not around. The poor guy has been reminiscing on all the fun things he does with his dad like camping, swimming at Grandma's house and horsing around on the trampoline. His sadness is felt by everyone.
3. Marcus has been improving in his reading. I found a book series written by a lady named Margaret Hillert and it's the perfect read for him. There's alot of repetitive words/phrases that makes it able for him to read the entire thing by himself. I'm so proud of him.
4. He was able to tell me the story of Jonah and the whale without any help. I'm so happy to hear that he picks up things at church.


1. Our sweet girl turned 5 this month. She was showered with so many gifts but her favorite is the Minnie Mouse shoes. As soon as she comes home from school, that's the first thing she puts on. So funny and cute!
2. Her idea of school is all about making and keeping friends. Every time I pick her up from school, her first words are..."I made a new friend today Mom." or "I played with so and so today". I love her concept of school which equals to playing with friends.
3. She is so into drawing and coloring lately. I gave her a clipboard with paper and she can be happy with that and some crayons or colored pencils for hours. I love her passion for the arts.
4. Homework is breezy with her. She's always ready to do the next step/paper. Not much whining from her unless it's about the poem. She always stresses about the poem they have two weeks to memorize.

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Allison said...

Fun to read updates on everyone. We're going to miss having you in the ward!!! :) I know that I can count on you posting here though! :)