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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Double trouble

Did I get you with the title? This post is actually not related to Halloween but instead a showcase of a couple of "double" page spreads. Get it? Double??? I know it's corny but I'm trying to keep you guys amuse here. *wink*

Anyways, I've made these two page layouts a while back and for some reason forgot to share. I'm telling you my mind is all over the place lately, I can't hardly keep up!

Creating our new Friends

this page is about our first trip to Build-a-bear where the kids got their first, of many, bears. I took photos of each step we did in the workshop to personalize the kids' bears and I lined them up chronologically here. I used a circle punch and some papers to create tabs for them. I also added the names the kids gave to the bears on the bottom of their photos.

I added the ribbon and bow on the title to emphasize the "gift" part of the story.

Happiness is where you find it

this one is about Maddie and how she inspires me to love the mundane things in life. I love her happy expression with a few slides down the slide. When did you last feel a sense of happiness and joy in the normal, everyday routine of life?

I used some GCD Studios paper here. I love the Homespun Chic line! It's so pretty. My favorite part of this page (besides my daughter's photos) is the recipe card that I turned into a journaling block. I always go for the papers that have lines on them already. I'm not a fan of my own handwriting so anything that we'll make my "chicken scratch" neater looking is always a plus for me.

So that's it, thanks for stopping by.

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I'm loving the Homespun chic on your double-pg LO !!

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