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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finished scarves

So most of you know that I started knitting last month. It's been a great therapy for me. You all know how I love to keep my little creative hands busy all the time and knitting is the perfect craft to take anywhere and do anytime. I can knit while waiting in the car for the kids to get out of school, knit while watching TV or a movie and knit while listening to Marcus read. I've enjoyed this new adventure tremendously.

So what have I accomplished you asked? Well I was able to make scarves for the kids...

I finished Maddie's just in time for her birthday and then after that worked on Marcus'. I took the kids to the park last Saturday and thought that would be a good time to take some photos of them and their scarves.

the kids decided on their scarf colors. For Marcus I made it skinnier in width but longer.

Maddie's scarf is about 8 inches wide. My friend/knit teacher told me that I measure the length of the scarves according to the height of the recipient so the kids' scarves are as long as they are.

The best part of this projects.... the kids actually like them. They haven't stopped wearing them. They even wear them to bed, if you can believe that! The only time they don't wear them is when they're at school because I'm afraid they'd loose it.

I'm still in the very beginning stage of knitting and I have yet to learn how to read a pattern but I'm enjoying every minute of this new adventure.

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