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Saturday, October 16, 2010

digital share....it's about time

Hi all. Before I share my digital pages let me tell you first what has kept me busy this past week....
About two weeks ago I was trying to figure out ways to keep myself busy and preoccupied. There's just so much stress I can handle with regards to this house selling that I needed all the distractions I can get. Plus with the kids being at school in the morning, I wanted to fill up my growing "me" time. So I quickly filled it with a lot of trips to the stores and malls, creative time, knitting and wasted time on the computer.
After a couple of weeks of this, I got bored. I felt like I was not being productive enough. There was not much meaningful stuff done with my time. So with that I started contemplating on what constructive thing I should do with my time and so on Monday I went to the adult school and enrolled.....

I signed up for a "learn at your own pace" training for a career path to Medical Billing. I went to school tree days this past week and I enjoyed it immensely. I'm part of the learning center where a bunch of people come and work on their own thing. Some brushes up on their computer skills, others are working on their accounting clerk certificate, some for graphic design and some, like me, are getting skilled in the medical billing field.

I'm happy that the kids are excited for me too. When I told them that I was going to school the same time they'll be in school, Maddie said..."I wish you'll meet some friends there, mama!". Yes, school to her is all about making friends and I so adore that about her. I even made lunch for me on Tuesday night to bring on Wednesday so it was kinda cute to see three sandwiches made that night instead of just two.

There is a curriculum that I need to follow and thank goodness for blogging and all the typing that I do I was able to test out on the typing part. I got 57/0 on my test. That means I did 57 words per minute with 0 errors. Thank goodness I got two tries on that test, because I bombed the first one with 65/11, meaning I did 65 wpm but 11 errors. For me to past the test I needed 50wpm/3. I got nervous with the timing part and just typed and typed even if it's wrong.

So anyways, that's what's keeping me busy right now.

Onto the digital pages shall we...

I said it's about time because I haven't made any digital pages in a looonnnggg time. I guess I was lacking inspiration to do so but alas October was a month of discovery and rediscovery so here they are...

Love, Love, Love

This page was inspired by one of Ingrid Michaelson's song. I love her!

The ABC's of Madelyn

And then here I wanted to write down all of the many traits my daughter has and what better way to showcase them that to do it alphabetically. At first I thought I'd have a hard time describing her with certain letters but she has sooo many great qualities, all of it came naturally.

So that's it. Sorry the post took longer than I have expected.

Till next time,

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Very appropriate. She'll appreciate you later in life.