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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a proud owner.....

of this.......

It only took me a whole week after my actual birthday to buy my gift. I had to spend a few more days researching on which one do I really want to spend my money on. So after a few days of browsing through all sorts of sites, I made the decision that I right now I should purchase a telephoto lens. I was thinking of getting an 18-200 lens but the Nikon version one with VR and OS cost about $800 and the Tamron or Sigma one didn't have VR. Plus if I purchased that, then my 18-55mm will be useless. And since I'm trying to be wise with my money, I opted to choose this one.

Here's me with my new awesome lens! I went to Samy's Camera to purchase the lens. I know I could've gotten it cheaper online but I couldn't wait for all the shipping time plus Samy's were having a deal that you don't pay sales tax. I got a great deal that I was tempted to buy a prime lens too but stopped myself.

Maybe with the money left over I can finally get a Coach purse. We shall see!

So that's it. Till next time,

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