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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A crafty post

It was raining ALL WEEK long last week and so to past the time that I was homebound, I tackled some crafty projects. Here's what I've done....

I've been wanting to make some cute stuff for the kitchen and so last week I tackled the projects....

Canister labels

I know I'm the only one that will be using these things and I didn't need a label for them but since I'm in the "let's make everything extra pretty" mood, I went and made some anyways.

I grabbed papers that I already have on hand. I love the fruity paper and used the images as my embellishments. I added dimensional adhesive on top of them so they would have that epoxy sticker feel.
BTW these canisters are all filled with sugar (granulated, brown and powder) A girl can't have too many sugars in her kitchen right?!

Then I made this dishwasher magnet...

Being that my husband and I share the chore of putting dishes in and out of the dishwasher, sometimes we forget to inform each other if the items in the washer are clean or dirty. We've had some dishes washed twice and unfortunately used dishes that weren't clean. Ooppss, I can't believe I just said that!
Anyways, to avert the unnecessary, I made this label.

I used an old CD as my base for the project. Used the same papers from the sugar labels and added letter stickers to the mix. Mitch doesn't care much for this either but I do feel that it goes pretty handy.

Then after making that I was inspired to bust out my sewing machine and whipped this up...

A long time ago I went in a fabric store that had a lot of decorating fabrics. You know the ones that you use to upholster chairs and stuff, anyways they have binded fabric books that has samples of designs that they carry. They usually throw these books away when a new collection comes out. I kindly asked the lady if I can have the books that they were about to throw away and I scored a few binders of some really nice fabrics. I haven't played with them until now.

As you can see I made a blocking of all the fabric scraps that I got, sewn them together and made pillow covers for my couch. I was getting tired at looking at some outdated pillows. I still wanna do some more but the inspiration has fled me. So this will suffice for now. Oh and the best part of this project...it costs me nothing to make!

And then on Saturday night, I came across the Knit and Crochet today show at the Create TV channel (love that channel). I was inspired by all the cute stuff that they created that I busted my crochet needle and rummaged through my craft bucket to find some yarn.

and this is what I'm doing right now....

I'm just making a simple scarf. I know I'm not at all talented in this field so I'm trying the very basic.

It's fun to do some crafty things other than cards and scrapbook pages. Don't get me wrong, I still get pumped working with papers but once in a while getting outside of my comfort zone does me good in the creativity aspect.

Hope you are doing something crafty today!

Till next time,

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