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Friday, December 4, 2009

random friday

Hi all.

How's everyone doing today? relieved that it's friday? stressed that it's the 4th day of December? happy to see all the Christmas lights displayed at night? shopping like crazy and trying to get everyone's wishlist checked off without breaking the bank? Keeping warm with a blanket and some hot chocolate?

Well if you ask me, I'm all of that and then some.

Gosh, this month is really a big STRESS for me but I have plan.....I will take it one day at a time and breath with every issue I have to tackle. How's that for positive thinking. *smile*

Anyways here's a few things I wanted to share today....

With the weather looking more and more like Winter lately, I had to go to my local Bath and Body Works store and get my "winter hand lotion". I got this as a gift from my visiting teacher a few years back and ever since I've been hooked. This is the only product (that I know and have tested) that really keeps my hands soft and uncracked despite the bitter cold weather. It's a little pricey for hand lotion but if I figure in that I will use it for an entire season (3 months) I can justify the purchase. *smile*

I got a coupon from that store that if I purchase a certain amount, I get a free product of my choice and while browsing through the many things I wanted to get, I was struck with inspiration when I smelled this....

this is my new fave scent and I love the gentleness of the flower smell on it. Try it, it's great!

Like I said before, I'm dreading this day....

I bought some stuff for the kids that Santa will be bringing to them on Christmas Eve (*wink*) but they have changed their minds about 4 times since I bought the items. Hence I will be bringing said items back to the toy store and will be waiting till the last week before Christmas so I don't have to make anymore unnecessary purchases.

Oh and if you're looking for some great Christmas projects. Hop on over the GCD studios blog. All this month we are having 25 projects for Christmas. 25 days of fun, inspirational crafts, Can't beat that! Here's a sneek peek of my projects.

Stay tune to know when this will be posted on the blog but for now check out the other dt's work. They're fabulous.

So that's it right now. Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm planning on putting up my decorations tomorrow morning. Maddie's been bugging me all week long about it.

Till next time,

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