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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in review *photo heavy*

There's only one day left before the year ends and I'm still in shock at how fast this year went by.
I just uploaded the pictures I took from Christmas events into my computer and decided to blog some of them. Here's what kept me busy....

Dec. 19- we had our Ward Christmas' party this night. The kids got to participate in a singing performance by all the children in the party and then they got to see Santa.

Dec. 22- We had some friends over and we made our Gingerbread house. Our friend Sara and her two girls came by the house. We both had a kit so each group got to make their own. Marcus felt that there should be a competition involved as to who's house is the best. I think they're both great and it was fun hanging out with our friends even if it's just a couple of hours.

here's our house....

Dec. 23- It was cookie baking day for me. I made three different kinds- oatmeal chocolate chip; thumbprint and macaroon cookies. We had enough to do a cookie swap with some friends and give a plate to a few of our neighbors.

Dec. 24- Tonight we went to my uncle's house in Glendora for a reunion/Christmas eve celebration. The kids got their first batch of gifts tonight. When we got home, we got the kid's dressed for bed and placed the very important plate for Santa. Marcus thought that Santa needed something healthy in his plate other than the cookies so we added an apple. Maddie made some "reindeer" food in preschool so we placed that on the counter too.

Dec. 25- THE BIG DAY! The kids got up and as per instruction (by me) awakened me up before they started opening their gifts. Last year they let me sleep in and I was not able to take a photo of them when they opened their boxes so I made sure that this year I didn't miss a thing. Santa was right on this year, getting everyone EXACTLY what they've asked for. After opening our presents, we had our traditional "Christmas" morning breakfast.

This breakfast was the start of many good meals today including a lunch at my parent's house and then dinner at the Tolman's.

We had our annual Christmas exchange at the Tolman's and everyone seemed to have left with what exactly they wanted. We also sang some Christmas carols as a group. A new thing that might become a tradition from here on out.

Dec. 27- Tonight we had our post Christmas, pre New Year's Eve gathering with my parents. Mom always work during those important dates so we make sure to gather in between them. Food was delish and everyone went home with a generous helping of gifts.

Marcus got a DS from Santa and Uncle George and Lola (grandma) got him some more games for it. Look at that grin, Christmas is definitely one of his favorite holidays. :)

Maddie got the princess dress from Santa and she has been wearing it all day and night for the last week. Besides the gloves and winter hat, she also got some barbies and fun little girly things from her Uncles and Aunts.

Here's two of my most precious gifts.

So that's all for now. I'm drowning in projects and I feel with CHA fast approaching, the deadlines are just beginning.

Take care everyone.

Till next time,

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Allison said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a busy, but fun month!