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Friday, April 3, 2009

craftmonth review + tons of scrappy share

Wow what a week, or rather what a month!
was your month crazy like mine? Did you spend sometime to be creative this month despite it? I hope so.
Well for a recap, I did a lot but not as much as I wanted to. I wasn't able to finish that quiet book and the behavior chart that I wanted to in this post but I did manage to join in with a lot of the challenges and was even fortunate to win some. *smile*
Here's some of the fun projects that I've made this month.

At Twelve

this page was inspired by the journaling. I got this questionaire from a church activity. They were handing this out as an ice breaker. At first I thought the answers would come easy for me since that age was not that long ago but i was surprised that I couldn't even remember my favorite tv show and movie that year. It's funny how things can just slip our mind.

I used a sans serif font for the questions and a script font for the answers.

I also wanted to play with some arrows on this page so I layered some up to draw the eye towards my picture.


Gotta love this picture! I knew it deserved a page on its own. This one was done for my use it up challenge for the month of april at the SCS board. I decided to use rubons. I had so much fun with this project. The idea of putting together all these diff. kinds of designs were very freeing.

Because there were tons of design on this page, I hid my journaling inside the photo.

rubons are flat so to add some dimension to this page, I transfered the rubons onto cardstock, cut the image out and adhered it with a pop up dot.

Glimpse of my Everyday

I made this minibook from scratch, I wanted the idea of the "7 days" showing from the front so I made the pages to stagger.

I documented my week in this blog last November and I'm just finally transfering it into a scrapbook project.

I love pop up dots, they create dimension without too much fuss.

Celebrate minibook

this one was another fun one. I'm always amazed at how fast my kids have grown. I can easily forget that they were babies once, so to not forget, I put together this book of my son's birthdays from first up to now (5th)

I liked the idea that this book has movement to it.

on the other side of this 5 page panel, I wrote up my journalings for each birthday on a block that I made myself in photoshop.

So there you have it, some projects with hopefully some inspiration for you to grab from.

Till next time,

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