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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Sunday

Today was a GREAT day! Not only was I nourished spiritually, I also got to eat some great tasting food at my mom's house PLUS I got a lot of crafty things done.

This weekend was our church's 179th General Conference. It's a weekend consists of 4 major conference sessions- Saturday am, pm, Sunday am and pm. We get to listen/watch our general leaders/authorities speak to us. Usually about topics that pertain to the things that are going on right now and give us the counsel that we need. I always enjoy this time cause I get some great advice on how to live the Gospel better in my life.

It's held in Salt Lake city, Utah (the church's headquarters) but because of the beauty of the internet, we can watch a live telecast of it in our computers.

So today while watching/listening to the conference, I was getting my hands busy with some crafty things. Here's some of the things I made.....

BTW I love how my computer is in the same room as my scrap space. I didn't need to move anything and my table sits right infront of the computer. I'm telling you....I was in heaven! hehehehehehe.

In our church, each women in the ward (congregation) has a visiting teacher that's assigned to them. These ladies (two each in a group) visits them once a month, talks to them about daily life, becomes their friends and are mindful of their needs (whatever that maybe). These cards were made for the ladies that I visit teach. I figured it was a great excuse to pull out those Easter stamps and make something crafty for my ladies.

These are simple cards with papers from my scrap stash. I fancied up the bunny with some color and sprayed it with glimmer mist for that extra shine. The eggs were stamped with a stamp pad that had five colors in it. (I don't know what that's called)

And this set was made for my son's teacher. It's a monogramed card set. I know teacher appreciation day is in a month (I think) so I figured I make this now while I have the time. Used my scraps here too.

and finally got to make more hair "pretties" for my little girl

I've been wanting to get some more done for her and thought of using my flowers this time instead of the ribbons. This was a very easy project plus I got to bring some life to flowers that were just sitting in my stash. They're so cute that I want some for me too. *wink*

After the morning session, we went to my parent's house to watch the afternoon conference on their big tv. They also fed us some yummy food. Here's pictures that my brother Gary took of our fine meal. I brought my camera cause I was thinking of doing this post at their house but I ended up just uploading my pictures when I got back home. I love that I can share my photography hobby with my brother. We have the same camera but he has taken his skills farther than I have. I'm so proud of him.

These are my mom's lumpias (filipino eggrolls) They are d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Till next time,

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