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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm becoming Jane + rak winners

before I explain my new fascination with Jane Austen let me announce the two winners of the GCD studios rak....

Blogger Dan and Cat said...

My favorite thing to alter is whatever you're teaching about! Congratulations, Grace!!!

OpenID stinkydudette said...

i don't have a particular favorite item to alter. BUT i've been playing with my Prima bottles and tins lately! heehee...

and that quilt's lovely! congrats on the DT!

Please email me your addresses at graceelainetolman@yahoo.com and I'll send you some GCD stuff.
Ok so onto my new love......

Before I continue, I wanna give you a little history about me and books. I was never really into them. When I was old enough to read chapter books, I didn't really like them cause there were no pictures. Yes I was that lazy to even use my imagination! I am known for my laziness when I was a child and no I will not elaborate! Hehehehehehehe.

Going back to the subject.... I remembered that the only books I read in highschool was Sweet Valley High books and that's because I saw the tv series so I had faces in my head to connect to the characters. And the rest of my reading time was spent on magazines. That was my form of reading/gaining information. I did read the usual seventeen magazine and teen bop but I also read National Geographic and the newspapers, believe it or not.

So with that being said, I was not familiar with "great" literatures, until late last year. You see my kids love PBS and every night before I go to bed I would always reset the TV to the PBS channel so when my kids wake up (which is usually before I do) they can turn on the TV and watch their Sesame street. This buys me about 30 minutes more of sleep. Anyways, one night, I turned to PBS and was drawn to the show that was on. I could tell it was one of those BBC miniseries and it was old and a period piece. I was drawn. I ended up finishing the show. The funny thing was that the whole time I was watching, I didn't know what the title was. When it ended, they named the show and it was Pride and Prejudice based on the same title novel by Jane Austen.

Got me all intrigued. I've heard of her before but didn't really know anything about her work. I liked what I watched and decided to go to the library and get more videos. I didn't have time to read and figured that I'd watch some videos first before I invest my time on something that I wasn't even sure I'm going to like. To my surprise, I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice (this time in its entirety) and Emma. Then PBS showed Sense and Sensibility as a miniseries. I cried after watching that.

Then last night I saw a modern movie titled "the Jane Austen Book club". Loved it! And so now I'm planning on actually reading the novels. I think I'll start with the ones that I haven't seen (Persuasion, Mansfielf Park, Lady Susan, Northanger Abbey) then go back and read the ones I've actually watched.

For me, I think the thing that draws me to these stories is that it gives me a refreshed outlook on love and courtship. Nowadays with all the excessive show of skin and sex on TV, it's nice to watch a man and a woman just look at each other and you can feel their love for each other. Very romantic! I also enjoy listening to the formal way of talking back then. It's so proper, full of respect and eloquence. I love it all.

I was even talking to one of my girlfriends earlier at Church and talked about maybe setting up a book club. At first I thought maybe I won't have time to read and join a book club, but then again I really, really wanna do this so maybe I'll just "make" time.

Don't worry I'll still be blogging and who knows maybe there will be a few Jane Austen posts here and there. *wink*

happy Easter and till next time,


Anonymous said...

yay!! thanks for chance to win! *huggies*

Leisha said...

I have never read her books but I love all the movies!