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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin patch field trip

Did I tell you guys how I'm so happy with switching up pre-schools? Well if I didn't already, I'm sooooo happy! This is the kind of "school" environment that I'm use to. Very organized and fun. One of the things I'm grateful for are the monthly field trips. We get to go to fun places cheaper than regular price cause the teachers are purchasing group tickets. How awesome is that!
So after 2 hours, $20 spent in tickets and 113 pictures later here are the results of our morning at Pa's Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach. I wanted to take pictures of the kids by the pumpkins first before they get all dirty and sweaty but of course Marcus didn't want any of that. He immediately went to this ride. In the course of the ride though, it seemed like Marcus didn't like the up and down motion more than Maddie did. She just held on to the bars and enjoyed the ride. Funny!

The place was littered with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. So fun to look at.

Maddie wasn't having much time with the rides unlike her big brother. She didn't even care to be in the bouncer, can you believe that?!

Now petting the animals was a different story. Both Marcus and Maddie enjoyed (mostly in a distance) looking at some goats, geeses, pigs, ducks, turkeys and even Llamas (sp?). This was the only one they actually touched out of all the animals.

Here's Marcus in the Carousel. I'm not sure what that look is, Mom I'm too big for this kind of ride or Mom stop taking pictures of me. Hehehehe!

Marcus really wanted to go on this slide. It's pretty high (as you can see) but he didn't have any fear climbing up there BUT as soon as he was up there, he froze! The guy manning the booth had to literally pick him up and bring him down cause he didn't want to slide down.

So finally after all our money was gone I "tried" to get some neat pics of the kids. As you can see my "try" was not successful. Nobody wanted to stay still and LOOK at the camera.

I guess this will be "my gem" for right now.

Thank you for looking and there's probably more pics coming up next week as we are going on a camping trip this weekend.

Oh by the way, just a shameless plug.....If you're within driving distance from me and is looking into getting some family photos done for your christmas cards, contact me and I might just be able to help. I won't charge anything, just the printing. :)

Have a great day,

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