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Monday, October 29, 2007

it's good to be back!

that's what Marcus said as soon as we got in the house after a weekend camping trip to Hole-in-the-wall this past weekend. Funny dude!
Anyways the trip was great. Mitch wanted to go on a quail hunting trip so we tagged along and made it a family adventure. Started off late (there were tons of traffic) but the weather could have not been perfect. It's cold at night but not too hot in the mojave dessert during the day. We didn't even set up our canopy cause the sun didn't shine too hard on us. :)
We went with the Woodlands, a family in our ward. They have three boys 7,5 and 3. They were the perfect age for our kids to hang out with. Amanda brought her friend Melissa too. I decided not to post their pictures cause I don't know if they would be ok with it, but they were all there with us, having fun.
Like I said, the weather was great. The sky is sooooo blue, it was a great sight to see after all the fires going around in southern california the past week. We went hiking, the kids got dirty playing around and we all loved gathering together around the campfire at night to talk and eat smores. Yummy! Here's some pics from our fun adventure.
As you can see, staying clean was not an option for my kiddos. Maddie ended up with a few scratches too cause she keeps on tripping over small rocks.

Here's an interesting perspective photo. I don't have pics of me so I asked Michael and Marcus on one of our hikes to stand close to me so I can take pics of our feets. Michael thought I was weird, I guess so. hehehehe

It truly was the great outdoors! this is our tents brand logo.

I still can't get over how wonderful the landscape of the area was. Although a dessert area it was still a sight to behold.

Little Maddie being adventurous trying to climb up through huge rock formations. She refused to have me help her.

The place is called Hole-in-the-wall cause there are tons of holes (both big and small) in the area. Cool stuff!

A quick photo taken while lounging in our campsite.

Other things to remember about our trip.....
1. We saw Mitchell's cousin, uncle and aunt. His uncle and cousin both went hunting too. We even played some card games with them on Sat. night.
2. Mitch didn't catch anything this year. There were no birds in sight but Frank got a rabbit.
3. I was sooo mad on friday night when Mitch told me that he didn't bring our air mattress. Oh the thought of sleepin on hard ground! But I survived, we all did but I'm definitely not gonna let this happen again. Hehehehe.

So there you have it. It was definitely an adventure but following my son's lead, its good to be back HOME!

Have a great day,
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