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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lately....in the Tolman home

Hi guys. I know that this blog has been pretty much for crafting shares lately and I have had all the good intentions of updating our family and friends about what's going on around here, but with summer rolling around plus vacations and birthdays to tackle, time to update was not on the top of the list. I have been so behind that I'm not even going to attempt to catch up. Do you feel that way sometimes?
But I still want to blog about my family as I use it for future journaling prompts in my layouts as well. So we'll call this post, CURRENTLY and just talk about what each member of the family is currently into...

Mitch- He is still working hard as a medical assistant. He has been beefing up his preparations for his annual hunting trip in the fall and he's taken the family on a few hikes. I have to admit some are harder than the others but time with the family is always good.

Grace- I am on a break from school (thank goodness for summer break) and although it's a short six weeks, I am committed to do everything that I wanted to do that is outside of the school/studying realm. I have been scrapbooking more and also doing some much needed cleaning in the house. I have also been addicted to making pocket letters lately. This is a type of "pen pal" system where you find someone to swap products and little cute stuff with through slipping items in a trading card type sheet protector. I have even got Maddie to join me. So far she's made three pocket letters to girls her age. Oh and I had a birthday in July. Always fun to celebrate that.

Marcus- He turned 12 in July. It's a milestone for him as he officially moved up to the Youth program of our church and received the priesthood. One of the things he gets to do now is to pass the sacrament through our congregation on Sundays. His big gift for his birthday as a 3DS and he has been obsessed with that since he got it. I have to pry it out of his hands once in a while so he can read or do other productive things. He'll be a 7th grader this coming school year. Oh and he chose pie for his birthday treat. I love watching this boy get to know what he wants in life and is able to slowly articulate that.

Maddie- She had a blast during our California trip and didn't want to leave. None of us did really. Right now she is having fun playing with her friends and also on the computer. Her favorite game right now is Roblux and she has been willing to do extra chores (ie watch Mason for mommy) so she can have more computer time. She has also been reading a lot since she has received a lot of book rewards from doing good at school plus the ones that she had borrowed from the library. She is still very much obsessed with make up and would always stand by my bathroom door when I'm getting ready for church. Her M.O would be to stand there and watch if I'm focused on putting my make up on and quietly grab stuff from my bag when I'm not looking and before I know it, she's right beside me putting mascara on or lipstick. That girl!

Mason- He is a growing 11 month old boy. He has figured out how to climb down the stars by turning himself backwards and scooting his bum and feet down. That means there's no stopping this boy. He is very mobile and strong. He also loved to eat with his hands. I always have to give him something to hold and feed himself with during meal time. Most of the food he eats on his own are cheerios, raisins, little pieces of bread and meat and veggies. He loves sweets too which we give him on occasions *wink* He refuses his car seats now which makes putting him in it a task. Changing diapers have also been a challenge and sometimes it takes three of us to get the job done. Like I said, he is pretty mobile and is always on the go, but everyone in the family is still very much inlove with him so we put up with whatever shenanigans he has.

That's it for me. If you've come to this point and is not sick and tired of reading about our family, I say thank you. Your love and support is what makes me take the time to put these kinds of posts together. We love our family and friends, near and far.

Till next time,

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