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Monday, December 29, 2014

Family Update- December 2014

Hi guys. I hope you all had a great Christmas. I wanted to get this recap of the month posted but unfortunately, I have not uploaded all of my photos from my cameras. Yes you read it right, I have been using multiple cameras to capture the month and I haven't had the time to load up the pictures. So for today, you will get stories that were captured through my phone's camera. 

I made the kids decorate the trees this year. The larger one (above) was put together by Maddie and the smaller one (bottom) was decorated by Marcus. It's not the most perfect trees but I feel so happy that the older kids are putting their handmade touch to our Christmas this year.

I am enjoying my two week break from school and soaking up all the little moments with this little guy. He sure is growing up fast. A lot of people tell me that he looks like me and this photo kinda does show that. He has rounder eyes than the two older ones.

We watched the first presidency's Christmas devotional in the beginning of this month to get our season off on the right track.

 Lots of traditions happen during this month. One of them is our annual gingerbread house decorating. I got my kit from Walmart and I have to say, I will NEVER do that again. Such cheap quality.

I got this photo of the finished house (decorated mostly by the kids themselves)

and not long after, it collapsed on us.

This month was also busy for the kiddos. They both had performances ( no photos of it but we do have videos that again are still in my cameras) and Marcus came home with this artwork that he said was displayed in the school's art gallery this month. So proud of both of them.

We taught the kids the Phase 10 card game and we have been playing it on Sunday nights. The kids are seeing how competitive their parents are through these games. I'm just a little embarrassed about that. 

And finally a recap of our growing little dude....
this month...
He cried when dad holds him. We are not sure why he acts like this.
He is drooling a lot. We are thinking that he is teething way earlier than the other two kiddos.
He always like to be carried. My friend calls it "altitude sickness". Always wants to be up and walking around, exploring the surroundings.
He is a yapper, especially when he hears everyone talk at dinner time.
(second photo on the top) There was one night where I was making dinner and he cried and cried in his bouncer then all of a sudden it was quiet. When I turned around, I found him sleeping with feet dangling off of the chair. I have a picture of Marcus when he was a little baby that he fell asleep inside his high chair. It would be a fun scrapbook page to put the two photos together.
(third photo on the top) He loves to smile and show us his big grin. So adorable.
(left photo on the bottom) He is always with me, even when I'm doing laundry.
(right photo on the bottom) I made him some suspeder/bow tie onesies and he looked adorable in his Sunday's best.

So that is what's been going on around here. How about you?

Happy New Year.

Till next time,