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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Family Update

Hello friends. Another month is almost over and before we say goodbye to September, here's what had kept our family busy this month....

Our first family "field trip" after Mason was born was to the Denver Temple. Our primary had a Saturday activity to go as families to the temple and go through a tour. The weather was great and what could be better than going to the temple as a family?

I'm not sure why Maddie has a pouty face in the photo above. I think she didn't want to be under the sun. Oh well! 

This month, our Primary had their annual sacrament program. For our friends that are not familiar with this, it's when all the children in our congregation give short talks/speeches and sing as a choir in between the talks infront of all of the congregation. This is a way for the children to share what they've been learning this year in their Sunday school and primary classes. The photo above was taken after that program. It's also our first official photo as a family of five. 

This month we got to celebrate Mitch's birthday. His special day fell on a Wednesday so we decided to celebrate the Friday after. But we couldn't pass up his birthday without singing the birthday song to him. We had some zucchini brownies that we had put a single candle on, lit it up and then sang our wishes to him. I love low key celebrations. :)

 We found that with every one's excitement with Mason, he was getting used to being carried all the time. That is becoming a bit of a problem for me during the day since no one else can pick him up but me. So we bought him a bouncer at Walmart and the photo above was taken on the day that we got the bouncer. I love this photo because Maddie has become a little mama for Mason and I'm loving the bond that they have together.

Speaking of being picked up, our little man also likes to sleep on me. I don't mind the cuddles but I also know that this can't be a normal routine or he won't sleep on his own. So for about five minutes I cuddle him and then I try to put him down. The photo above was taken during one of those sweet cuddle times with him. 

And of course, I can't end this post without random pictures of our little man. Left to right- Mason taken at the Denver Temple grounds, During his first bath, Just a random photo of him while sleeping, and a close up of him on his bouncer.

I got a photo of him on his first month (can you believe his officially one month old?) but that is still in the camera and around  here, we do what we can in 10 minute intervals while the baby is happy sleeping and getting the photos in my camera entails more than 10 minutes. Hopefully before next months' family update, I can post it.

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