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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our bundle of joy is growing

I'm still trying to make a decision if I have the brain power and energy to do a weekly update on Mason or just do a monthly one along with a few photos. Since he's my last child, I have this urge to record/document every little move and growth he makes but at the same time I am also realistic in the fact that I would probably not be able to keep up with it. 

So with that being said, I will do the best I can and hopefully be able to jot down important facts about him. And I will start with the following...

1. His first week was full of struggles. I was not producing enough milk that he lost almost 10% of his birth weight. Thankfully we had some formula on hand to feed him. I've had this issue before with my other kids' and somehow, even after knowing we will get through this hump, it still stressed me out to know that I was not giving my child what he needed.

2. The poor baby also had to deal with lots of blood test since his Bilirubin count kept on rising and he was showing signs of Jaundice. Fortunately after getting some food (from the formula) his numbers stabled enough that he didn't need to be poked anymore. 

3. Because of all of this, he didn't sleep on a regular basis. We were up at least three times every night and his naps were inconsistent. Sometimes it would go for three hours and others for only a few minutes. 

But despite all of that, everyone at home is enthralled by him. Maddie always wants to hold him and Marcus likes to talk "baby talk" with him. Here are some pictures I snapped on Labor day...

I love the picture above and although we all know that babies don't smile yet at this point, and it's just gas, it's still pretty darn cute that I was able to capture this moment with him smiling (sort of)

He's going to be a month old next week and so I need to catch up with all of his baby updates soon if I wanted to document his growth weekly. Do you have any suggestions? I'm open to it all.

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