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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

we're rolling along......

ok so I'm not going to be typing up a corny excuse as to why I'm such a bad blogger. You all are probably in the same shoes as I'm in with summer stuff, people/family visiting and life to live so I know you ALL understand me. Right? I hope so. LOL

Today is all about photo sharing....
Last friday me and some of our friends went to Mayfair park to play in the wading pool. Fun stuff! Kids had a blast of course.
Here's my dear daughter acting like a dog. What a ham!

Marcus is doing really well with posed pictures. I'm training him up well.

and Maddie, not so much! My "nice" shots of her is still on the luck side rather than skill.

Here's me getting a little creative with my photography. This shot is the long play train they had inside the playground. That's Marcus' back. I'm lovin the art of perspective photography lately.


And some creative share....
I'm still having fun with my Coconut Scrapshop July kit. Here's one I made with leftovers from my kit. Not liking the pic (printed it off my printer, yuck!) But was in need of some "creative" outlet so I scrapped Saturday night.

And some cards using scraps. Lately I've been really burnt out so to unwind, I create. These were all done just for me. No specific dt assignment or call in mind, just for me. Aaaahhh, feels great to do that once in a while.

have a great week,


Anonymous said...

I´ve found your blog by chance but i really do love your designs; they look young and creative.

Your blog looks cool too, and interesting.
:) Good job!

That´s just a masterpiece!
congratulations =)

becca said...

wonderful photography!!! I love your creative shot of your son in the "tunnel" and great little projects too!