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Friday, July 25, 2008

Park day with friends

oh yesterday was a fun day for me and my kids! Got to go to our favorite park and hang out with friends. We got to see our dear friends the Anderson who was stopping over from Alaska before they headed out to Utah. Wow kids do really grow up fast. I still couldn't believe that their little Luke was talking now. Before they left he was still babbling, much like Maddie.
So I took some photos but not going to share all of them here. I have a lot of other kids in my pics and don't want to post it without their permission, so here's some that have my kids and some of the "backs" of the other kiddos....
Marcus, Maddie and David exploring. Look at Maddie trying to be one of the boys. hehehehehe.

and then the kids found this sprinkler that was going for a long time it created a puddle. A definite kid attraction there. Maddie couldn't resist. BTW, after being so soaked and Mom not bringing enough extra clothes, Maddie came home wearing a white tshirt and diaper!

and here's one I grabbed from a friend (thanks for the share Allison. *wink*) Photo edited a little. enjoying my photoshop lately. :)
I love the expression on Maddie's face captured here. Oh that's Sammy's back there.

and then after taking the Anderson's to the airport, I came home with sleeping kids. Woohooo!!! Did this during my sweet alone time...

finally organized and purged all my scraps. I'm a real paper hoarder. The picture above are the papers that I've had for more than 3 years that I'm finally parting with and throwing it in the trash.

And last on this post is some crafty share. These are projects I made for my DT assignment in SoCalScrap. The items/products used are available at the store.

Ready, Set, Bubble

The Sweet life
*sorry the "t" fell off during picture taking

Thank you card

TY card

Have a great weekend everyone,

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Jen Glover said...

Looks like a fun park day!!! I really like you "sweet" LO. Toad-ally cute! hugs!