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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Had a fun 4th

How about you guys? was your 4th of July festivities fun and safe? Hope it was.
For us it has been the tradition to get together at the Tolman's home in Garden grove for some bbq, swimming and fireworks at the end. It's always fun to hang out with family and being our family is quite large, everybody has somebody to visit with. The grandkids dominated the pool the whole day, although they did let the tolman kids (jenae, dana, jerry, mitch and tyler) play their annual marco polo game in the afternoon. The sisters- in-law chatted away and grandpa and the other guys played horseshoes. Fun times. Oh the food was yummy too, as always. Anna (Dana's wife) brought this very tasty green jello salad with pineapple and nuts. I have to get the recipe from her one of these days.

I made a batch of cinammon pinwheel cookies. First time I made it but turned out to be a hit. I didn't even get to take any leftovers of the cookies home. hehehehe! *if you want a recipe of it, leave me a comment and i'll post the recipe here. It's very easy!

So that's it for right now. Gotta go back to some more wedding planning and summer fun.

Have a great day,


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