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Monday, April 30, 2018

10 Cards, 1 Homemade kit (May 2018 edition) Product Reveal

Hello friends and happy Monday. I've been doing this fun series in my YouTube channel for about a year now where I gather some papercrafting products, create my own "card kit" and then make 10 handmade cards out of it. I then record my process of how I created the 10 individual cards and share it on YouTube. I have had some success with this series and I thought I would add it to my blog as well since some people might like seeing the photos of the finished cards in depth. 

So if you have not seen this video, you can start with this one. And if you want more, you can always check out the link to my YouTube channel on the side bar of this blog. I have a specific play list for my 10 handmade cards, 1 homemade kit series. 

Today I'm sharing the products that I pulled from my stash. Watch it here...

And here are some glimpse of what I was able to create with this kit. I gotta say, this is, if not my favorite, definitely one of them from all of the kits that I've put together. I just love the colors, the products and the techniques that I was able to use here. 

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