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Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Update- January 2015

I can't believe that January 2015 is almost over. Here are some of the highlights of our month...

This year, we decided to set goals. Mitch and I wrote some personal one and encouraged the two older kids to do some as well. Some of my goals this year was to organize more, loose weight and scrapbook more. I made some progress in all areas and the three photos below shows them...
 I worked on organizing my clothes and found out that I'm a bit addicted to camis and tank tops. I love the rainbow of colors that I see in this container.

Green smoothies are my favorite. This time I opted to use water instead of milk or yogurt to keep the calories down and I also added some oats for added fiber.

I had all of the intention to check off all of the cabinets in the kitchen but alas, I bit more than I can chew and only got the food cabinets reorganized.

The above picture is a Sunday meal of Elk meat roast with some mashed potatoes and veggies. Mitch didn't catch any Elk this past season but his hunting buddy was kind enough to share some with us from a previous hunt. This is our first time to eat Elk meat and I have to say, it was pretty good.

January was also a month full of snowy days. We haven't had any "snow days" from school, just lots of 2 hour delays but the kids still enjoyed the little break they got. I have to say, this is our 5th winter in Colorado and I am still in awe of the beauty of this area when it's surrounded by snow. I don't like to go out and drive around it but I marvel at the beauty at the comforts of my warm home.

This month, Marcus got his first rank advancement in Boy Scouts. He finished his tenderfoot ranking and was recognized during this month's court of honor. I already told him that we will shoot for Eagle scouts for him. We shall see. 

 And finally, updates on our little guy. Mason turned 5 months this past week and he is growing, literally and figuratively, in sensed of the word.
This month...
-We are slowly introducing him to solid foods. He's been eating about every other day (just one meal) because we didn't want him to be constipated. We can tell he is so anxious to eat regular foods though as his eyes always get big when he sees us eat.
-We found his ticklish parts and we love making him laugh and giggle when we play and tickle him.
-His cries has graduated to screeches. And he mostly does it at the wee hours of the nights. I'm not sure why he prefers screeching but this kid sure can hit pretty high octaves.
-He is still not sleeping through the night but we are slowly getting into a routine where he sleeps for a straight 45 minute -1 hour at a time. It's been a life saver, especially since I have to do school work during the day.
-He loves to chew on everything now. Anything he picks up with his hand goes straight into his mouth. That is usually his toys,  burp cloth, his own hands and sometimes my finger.

So there you have it. Our January in a nutshell.

Till next time,

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