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Monday, May 26, 2014

May Family Update

 Happy Monday and Happy Memorial day.
Thank you to all the servicemen and women that sacrifice a lot for our freedom.

Well because it's a holiday and my normal Monday agenda will be moved to tomorrow, I decided to go through some pictures and give a family update.

I have to let you know though that I haven't had the "inspiration" to pick up the camera lately. I'm hoping that this baby is just giving me time to "rest" from snapping photos because he knows that I will be a camera crazy mama when he comes. I feel sad that my life right now is not properly documented and that my camera stays untouched for almost a week at a time. Oh well, that's my life right now and I have to accept it.

Anyways, on those days that I did feel like picking up my dslr or turning on my IPod touch for capturing memories, I was able to get the following photos. They showcase what the month of May looked like in the Tolman home....

Spring is slowly showing its presence around here. We had a quick snow storm on Mother's day (of all the days, right?) and then a major hail storm just this past week but I am loving the flowers blooming and the color of grass coming to life. The above photo are flowers from our front yard. I love how the colors stand out against all the green and browns around it.

Another fun thing we had recently was a special "tenant". The kids noticed that there was a bird's nest on one of the trees in our front yard. After ignoring it for a few days, I was startled by a bird flying over my head as I walked out the door. He/She stayed in his/her nest for a few days. Even during the cold weather we had. Sadly he/she decided that it was time to move on and we haven't seen the bird since then. We tried to see if the bird left any eggs but there was none. All that was left was the nest and this photo to remember our "fleeting" friend. 

For my Mother's day gift, I was able to drag my family to Ikea in Denver. We went the day before Mother's day since we don't eat out and buy things on Sunday. It seems like the only time I get to go to Ikea is on Mother's day. I don't mind the annual tradition. As long as I get enough time to see some home furnishing eye candy and eating some yummy Swedish meatballs, I'm a happy mama. 

The morning of Mother's day, I was served this yummy breakfast by the family. I love that Mitch, Marcus and Maddie always comes together on this morning and makes me something delicious. 

May also means celebrating another wedding anniversary for Mitch and I. This year we celebrated 12 years. I still can't believe how time flies so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday that we got married. Mitch got me some beautiful roses from Costco and I purchased a 1/2 pound box of See's candies. We got to celebrate without kids last Saturday when our dear friends, the Smiths', watched the kids so Mitch and I can go on a date. We watched the movie "Noah" at the cheap theater and ate Indian food at the mall food court. I know that it doesn't sound very romantic but we're not "over the top" people and this kind of date is just perfect for us. On a side note: If you are interested in watching the movie Noah, make sure you have an open mind set that it will not be anything close to what the Bible states. Hollywood definitely took major creative "liberties" with their story line. That's all I'm saying about that. 

Speaking of Spring....I started some seedlings with hopes that they will all grow and be harvested in time. I captured this photo earlier in the month and sadly only a handful of the seeds sprouted. I'm not even sure if they will make it till harvest time with our weird weather this year. Oh well, at least I tried right?

And finally, no updated picture of the belly but I did manage to snap a photo of what I'm loving right now. Every week when I go grocery shopping at Walmart, I buy their southwest chicken salad and I love, love, love this weekly treat. There's nothing fancy about it but I do enjoy the combination of salad, southwest flavored chicken breast, some pico de gallo, chips and the chipotle ranch dressing. I think the dressing it what's making me come back for more. So yummy! 

So there you have it. School is ending soon and so I'm hoping that I'll have the itch to pull out my camera more and snap some end of school memories. 

Till next time,

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SenoraMarcroft said...

Happy Anniversary! And fun to have a bird come visit! :) See you in July!