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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Monday. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. 

We had a mix of fun and not so fun that went on in our home. On Friday, after school the kids colored their eggs. I love how the kids are never too old for this fun tradition. Here are some photos...

The thing I love about their age is that I can help set up the activity and then watch from the couch. They know the drill and have kept the mess to a minimum. Once in a while I think about how our family dynamics would be this time next year when the baby comes. It makes me enjoy my children's independence a little more, especially knowing that it's going to be all "hands-on" again soon. :)

Here's some of the finished eggs. Maddie took more time in making her eggs have a bolder color that Marcus did but I really like how the vinegar makes the eggs pop versus just water.

Right before dinner started on Friday, Marcus started complaining of stomach pains. After a sleepless night tending to him we suspected he was hit with either some kind of food poisoning or stomach flu. We were suppose to host Mitch's friend and his kids for dinner that night but had to cancel because Marcus wasn't feeling well and we weren't sure if what he had was contagious. Thankfully on Sunday morning he felt better and we were able to go on with our day's planned events.

This past week was a Spring break for me so I had sometime to really plan out our Easter outfits. I love this little tradition with my family. This is the only time in the year that I really make sure we coordinate with our outfits. You can see 2011 outfit here and 2012 here

As you can see Maddie and I had matching skirts. I had sometime to sew some simple maxi skirts this week and that's where I pulled our family color scheme. I already had a yellow top so I went with that as the main color that will go across the board. I went to the thrift store later in the week and scored Mitch's tie, Marcus' shirt and Maddie's shirt and jacket. I was so excited when I scored Maddie's lilac jacket as it is a Gap brand and I only paid $2.50 for it. Don't you just love bargains? 

Maddie was the only one that had a purple so I rummaged through the belt section of the store and found a purple floral belt that I was able to incorporate with my outfit. 

Can you tell these kids were told to pose like this? I wonder for how long I can incorporate my need to pose people onto my children before they start complaining?

Here's me and my "mini" me. She's definitely a treasure and I am so blessed to call her my sweet daughter.

After church we had some friends over for the traditional Easter dinner of ham, potatoes and green beans. Then we headed to their home for an egg hunt and some yummy dessert. 

So that's how our weekend rolled. The kids don't have school today and we were planning on enjoying the lovely day outdoors but it seemed like Marcus' stomach flu went back and I'm back to "nurse" duty. Well at least our Easter Sunday went off without a hitch. 

Hope you all have a great week. 

Till next time,


Golden Goddess Designs said...

Lovely skirts you made! I am glad your son is better! just wanted to leave some blog lovin', I read often but don't always comment!

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