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Friday, April 19, 2013

Cool Science Fair

It's family story time. I know that I've slacked on sharing family stories here lately and to our dear family and friends...sorry! Hope this little share will make up for the silence. 

Ok so two Saturdays ago I took the kids to a Science fair in Downtown Colorado at the Colorado College. I saw an ad on the local paper about this a few weeks before then and thought it would be something that my kids would enjoy. My kiddos are at the age now where they need to discover how things work and how Science plays a part in our everyday life. Now for my LDS friends and family, this was the same Saturday of conference and so we  skipped those sessions but I have some good reasons for it...(a) this event was free, (b) this was the only day they were having it and (c) did I mention that this event was free? But don't you worry, we are not going inactive. We made up by watching the sessions that we've missed through the archived links on the LDS website. Thank goodness for technology right?

Anyways so Mitch couldn't come with us cause our refrigerator was getting fixed that day too but I took some photos and the kids told him all about the fun things they learned so he wouldn't miss out. I recently got an Ipod touch and wanted to 'test' the picture capacity of that device so I purposely left my big DSLR home. While just having the Ipod makes for a smaller purse and less tired arm, I still prefer my big hunk of a camera  with it's great quality and lighting. I'm not sure if that's the photographer in me talking but I think these photos are not the 'best quality'. Oh well at least memories were saved!

Picture 1- Marcus pedaled a bike that was connected to a sound system. The guy running the 'booth' said that the power generated from the pedaling is powering all of the electrical outlets in the fair. My poor boy was exhausted after pedaling since he was the only one on the bikes during this time. Picture 2- Maddie got some face painting done. Picture 3- The kids got to test out how electricity is created with simple batteries in this booth. Maddie got to light up this little toy just by pressing her fingers on the ends of it.  Picture 4- Marcus got to put together a Lego pig. He wanted to do some of the "cooler" Lego contraptions but the booth was busy with like-minded kids that getting inline to make this Pig already took 15 minutes so after he built the pig we opted to move on. 

Picture 1- The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was one of the exhibitors and they brought some animals with them. Marcus was not afraid at touching this snake. Picture 2- Maddie was a little hesitant but eventually touched it as well. Picture 3- Marcus got to touch a porcupine as well. The zoo people told him exactly where to touch the animal (from head to about the neck portion) so it wouldn't make it's spikes go up. Picture 4- There were a lot of balloon exhibits and this one was a simple balloon with a face on it and then rubbed on the body to make it stick and they called it the "balloon buddy". I thought it was a great way of introducing the concept of static to the kiddos. 

They did a lot more stuff. Marcus got to fly a plane in a simulated computer game and Maddie tested her skills at poking a balloon with a skewer without ever letting air out of the balloon. The kids had a blast making their own ice cream with liquid nitrogen, some silly putty with borax and glue and winning little prizes here and there with the other booths. All in all it was a great event and i'm looking forward to next year's fair. Hopefully it will  not be scheduled around conference. Let's cross our fingers. *wink*

Oh and while going around the fair, I noticed a photographer taking pictures. I signed up for the science fair's newsletter and they shared a link to this photographers' images from the fair. Here's the link. You can browse down the images and find some of my kiddos in it. Personally I still don't know if I'm ok with this knowledge that someone else photographed my children without my consent but then again, memories preserved so I guess no harm done. Or is there? 

Till next time,

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